About the 122nd Army Band

Since 1944, the Ohio National Guard's 122nd Army Band has been a staple of the musical tradition of the United States military in Ohio. Members of the unit hail from every corner of Ohio (plus a few from other states) and are charged with carrying out the mission of strengthening troop morale and building a positive connection between the public and the Ohio National Guard.

As one of the finest National Guard bands in the nation, the 122nd utilizes its resources to perform dozens of missions each year across the state. Citizens, soldiers, and musicians alike all agree that the 122nd Army Band is one of the leading groups of its kind in the nation.

The 122nd's main performing groups — the Concert Band, Rock Band, Brass Quintet, and Ceremonial Band — perform for a wide variety of audiences, ranging from military ceremonies to parades and traditional summer concerts for the public. If you are interested in having the Ohio Army National Guard's 122nd Army Band perform at your event, please contact us with your request.


The 122nd Army Band is a highly flexible group, capable of performing in a variety of settings and for differing audiences. In addition to the full concert band, the 122nd fields several smaller ensembles to meet the modern musical needs of the military and the public.

Concert Band

The primary performing group of the 122nd, the Concert Band is composed of all the unit's personnel and performs a wide range of repertoire geared towards the public audience. The 122nd's Concert Band performs during the band's summer tour and for other events throughout the year. Concert selections include popular classic marches, film scores, patriotic tunes, and traditional and contemporary concert literature.



Sure to leave you stunned, Flashbang is the 122nd's popular rock ensemble. With full instrumentation, from guitars, keyboards, and drums, to horns and vocals, Flashbang is capable of performing a broad range of entertaining popular music, from rock to pop to country — and everything in between.

This highly versatile group performs for both the military and the public, supporting everything from troop morale events, military balls, and recruiting events to public concerts and school functions.

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Full Metal Racket

Full Metal Racket

Full Metal Racket is a highly flexible and versatile performing group of the 122nd Army Band, capable of everything from ceremonial support to raucous pop tunes to the greatest songs from movies and stage.

This ensemble can peform for military support missions and the public, and frequently creates unique musical videos for the social media.

Ceremonial Bands

122nd Army Band Ceremonial Band

The 122nd is capable of breaking into smaller groups suitable for supporting military, government, and civilian ceremonies with appropriate patriotic music. These Ceremonial Bands are structured as small traditional military bands and perform at functions throughout the year.

Brass Quintet

Composed of two trumpets, a french horn, trombone, and tuba, the 122nd's Brass Quintet performs for military, government, and civilian functions throughout the year. With a catalog of popular, patriotic, and traditional pieces, the Brass Quintet is a small but versatile group that supports a wide variety of events.


CW2 Joseph Lewis, Commander

CW2 Lewis

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Joseph Lewis is from Springfield, Ohio and graduated from Northwestern High School in 2000. Upon graduation, he joined the 122nd Army Band as a Private First Class, playing the trombone. He graduated from The Ohio State University in 2006 with degrees in Music Education and Bass Trombone Performance, and completed a masters degree in Music Education from Bowling Green State University. In 2014 he graduated from Warrant Officer Candidate School at Fort Rucker, and assumed command of the 122nd Army Band in 2015. CW2 Lewis currently resides in Cardington, Ohio, with his wife Lindsay and children and is the Director of Bands as Ashland University.

1SG Ryan Scarberry, First Sergeant

1SG Scarberry

First Sergeant Ryan Scarberry joined the West Virginia National Guard in 1994, serving in the 201st Field Artillery before transferring to the 249th West Virginia Army National Guard Band in 1996 as a percussionist. In 2000 he transferred to the Ohio Army National Guard and joined the 122nd Army Band, assuming the post of First Sergeant in 2012. In addition to his duties with the 122nd Army Band, 1SG Scarberry also serves full-time in the Ohio Army National Guard.

SSG Joseph Gibson, Readiness NCO

SSG Gibson

Staff Sergeant Joseph Gibson enlisted in the Ohio Army National Guard in 2007, joining the 122nd Army Band as a trombone player. In 2012 he transferred to the Personnel Branch of the Joint Force Headquarters, Ohio National Guard. SSG Gibson returned to 122nd in 2017 as the unit Readiness NCO.


As an Army Band, the 122nd provides musical support throughout the full spectrum of military operations to instill in our Soldiers the will to fight and win, to foster the support of our Citizens, and to promote our national interests at home and abroad.

Ohio Special Troops Command SSI

As an Army unit, the 122nd Army Band and its members are held to the same standards as Soldiers in the rest of the Army National Guard and the active duty Army, in addition to maintaining their musical proficiency. Army Musicians are required to attend the same 9-week Army Basic Combat Training as all other Army Soldiers, and are required to meet Army standards in physical fitness, marksmanship, and other areas.

The 122nd Army Band falls under Ohio National Guard's Special Troops Command. Along with the 122nd Army Band, the Special Troops Command is comprised of specialized units across the state of Ohio, including the 147th Regiment Regional Training Institute, the Medical Detachment, the Recruiting and Retention Battalion, the Selective Service Detachment, Fort Ohio, the 196th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, and Joint Force Headquarters.

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