Join the 122nd Army Band

Serve your country, pay for college, make music

Members of the 122nd Army Band meet one weekend each month to rehearse and perform, and come together an additional 15 days through the year to perform in parades, public concerts, and ceremonies.

The Army Music Program is open to all talented musicians who are qualified to enlist in the Army National Guard. Members of the 122nd Army Band are Citizen-Soldiers from all across the state of Ohio and beyond; many of them are music students, professional musicians, or instructors.

Education Benefits for Musicians

Your Tuition, Covered

The Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program covers up to 100% tuition paid to any state-supported school within the state of Ohio, or the average of state-supported tuition in Ohio towards a private university education.

Even More Tuition Assistance

The Federal Tuition Assistance Program provides additional help with college expenses, covering up to 100% of tuition and fees (up to $250 per semester hour, totalling up to $4000 annually) to any accredited public or private college.

Pay Off Student Loans

The Student Loan Repayment Program provides up to $50,000 in payments on qualifying student loans held at the time of enlistment.

Cash for Books, Housing, Food, and More

The Montgomery G.I. Bill provides up to $13,200 cash to help with all education expenses while attending college full- or part-time in monthly payments of up to $367 for 36 months.

National Guard Benefits for Musicians

A Monthly Paycheck

Soldiers in the National Guard earn a good paycheck for their service, equalling 4 days of active duty pay for each drill weekend.

Earn More From Day One

As a qualified musician, you can receive an automatic advance in pay and rank to Specialist E-4 upon enlistment, raising your starting drill pay to $266/weekend. Serve longer and earn even more.

Insurance, Exclusive Discounts, and More

As a member of the miltary service, Soldiers in the Ohio National Guard qualify for low-cost health and life insurance, access to exclusive shopping deals through The Exchange, and discounts from thousands of retailers and service providers across the nation.

Army National Guard programs and benefits are subject to change; contact your local recruiter for the latest information and additional details.

Take the first step: Audition

The first step to joining the 122nd Army Band is to audition. To schedule an audition, please fill out the contact form to the rightbelow or call Staff Sergeant Ryan Pederson of the 122nd Army Band at 614-336-6552.

The 122nd Army Band currently has openings for the following instruments:


Thank you for contacting us! A member of the 122nd Army Band will respond shortly.

Audition Requirements

Part 1: Prepared Music

All wind instrumentalists should prepare at least three selections of contrasting styles that emphasize your technical, musical, and stylistic abilities. Selections can include excerpts from classical solos, concert band or orchestral literature, jazz, and more.

Percussion, keyboard, guitar, and bass guitar players should prepare 3-4 selections of contrasting styles; suggested styles include swing, jazz, bebob, blues, Latin (bossa/samba/salsa), and pop/rock/country. One of the selections for percussion, guitar, and bass guitar must be one of these patriotic songs: God Bless the USA, God Bless America, American Soldier, or America the Beautiful. Pianists should prepare a solo piano piece appropriate for a dinner reception or cocktail hour.

Part 2: Music Preparation

The evening before your audition you will be sent a packet of music of varying styles to prepare for the audition so you can be judged on your ability to quickly prepare for a short-notice performance. Percussionists will receive music to prepare on drum set, concert and marching snares, and mallets. Keyboard, guitar, and bass guitar players will also be expected to play the written melody, comp over changes, and improvise a solo in the appropriate style.

Part 3: Additional Skills

You may receive extra points on your audition by demonstrating additional skills by doubling on another instrument, singing, or improvisation. Percussionists may also receive additional points on Latin percussion instruments and with exceptional mallet skills. Piano, guitar, and bass guitar players may also demonstrate skills on backing track production; bass guitarists may get additional points doubling on string bass.

For more information on specific audition requirements for your instrument, visit the U.S. Army Music audition requirements page.

Visit our promotional materials page to download recruiting flyers, photos, and more.